SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions | Showit Website tutorial

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Creating custom SEO page titles for your website are one of my favorite quick and simple website hacks for any business owner! Making your website more searchable for your ideal clients to find on google! If you are a showit website user like me, these back-end updates can be checked off your to do list in a matter of minutes! Follow the steps below to get started!

How to update SEO page titles in Showit:

Log into your showit website, and select the page you want to edit from the left hand navigation bar. Remember these page names will stay as is, and are used for internal navigation of your website.

Click on Services

Navigate to the right side panel and select SEO settings to open the edit dropdown. Fill in your new page title. I recommend doing this for every page on your website, keeping the format consistent with personalized details to help target your ideal clients, similar to the list of examples above.

  • Don’t “Keyword-stuff” it (make it sound natural and honest)
  • Make it relevant to your ideal client
  •  Keep it short (50-70 characters)
  • Make sure every page is unique (Do not use the same SEO title twice)
  • Add your business name to each title, for better brand awareness


Drag highlighted element

What about meta descriptions:

Google does not use the meta description area to help rank you site, however any descriptions and keywords used will increase the likelihood that qualified leads click on the site link! This will help improve potential bounce backs from someone immediately clicking away from your website because the page title was misleading.

Type "Designing Showit website systems for busy creative , with approachable tips and templates for service based business owners. "

If you’re a visual learner like me, feel free to check out this walkthrough and some bonus tips on how to format your page titles on Youtube HERE! 

Another amazing SEO boost is through hidden pages that can help target your specific services, locations, or as a client resource to allow your website even more consistent traffic! Check out this blog resource to get started with hidden pages on your website.