The Top 3 Hidden Pages every Wedding Photographer Website Needs

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In the second half of my life as a wedding photographer, I found myself stuck in my email inbox constantly answering the same questions. I was getting burnt out and frustrated with my client process. I had to remind myself that, even though this felt repetitive for me, planning a wedding was a brand new experience for my couples. When I finally started streamlining my back end processes with hidden add on pages on my Showit Website, I gained HOURS BACK in my workflow and dramatically increase my booking rate!

If you’re a visual learner like me feel free to dive into this overview on Youtube!

Here are the top 3 website pages that have made the biggest impact in my photography business:

1. Submission Success Page

Did you realize there are multiple touch points of  client interacting before you ever learn their name? This happens often through your social media, website and word of mouth. If your website contact form redirects to a generic submission success message…you’ve missed an amazing opportunity to show off your expertise and infuse your personality. Why not make one of those valuable first impressions happen automatically, before you even have to send an email or schedule a consult call with potential clients!

Newly engaged couples are MOVING FAST to book vendors, and any small bonus to differentiate yourself from the competition in your area can lead to more bookings! This custom thank you screen that populates after a client hits send on your contact form, is the perfect place to educate about response turn around time, share recent photoshoots, or personal details about your style that can better connect with your ideal clients! Check out my exact Submission Success Page HERE!

2. New Inquiry Guide

Adding this page to my website has completely STREAMLINED my booking process and saved hours going back and forth via email. This allows couples to feel confident in booking FASTER! I want my client experience to be as resource filled and easy to follow as possible. In my New Inquiry guide I include an overview of my style, experience, testimonials, blog links to recent work, and answer all of the questions they didn’t even know they had.

This primes my potential clients with value, and a pricing overview before I ever respond to an email! The best part is that it immediate weeds out clients who are too far out of budget for my services, and educates other who are new to the wedding vendor process.

Check out what one of my template shop clients had to say about utilizing this template for her photography website… “The inquiry template has been game changing! My average booking price has gone up 30%” Check out the page template for yourself HERE

3. Second Shooter Guide

One of the biggest complaints I hear from my photographer friends is how difficult it is to find consistent second shooters who match their style! I would find myself scrambling on wedding days to answer questions OR frustrated by the out of focus images or angles missed. Almost always, this comes from a lack of communication, on my part, and the rush of a busy wedding day!

Having a reliable second shooter as your extra set of hands AND EYES is an essential part of making these once in a lifetime moments possible. Some of the biggest touchpoints for educating your second shooters include; Expectations, style breakdown, equipment requirements, camera settings, dress code, sharing guidelines, and wedding day timelines.

If you want the EXACT template I use for my own photography business… saving you hours of time in brainstorming copy. Feel free to use those words as inspirations and fill in with your own style preferences! Check out my Second Shooter Guide HERE

second shooter website template for wedding photographers

A few bonus resources to help your photography business stand out.

I’ve been using Showit to host and design my website for years, and love that I can add unlimited hidden page at no additional cost! My favorite part is since the pages are already a part of my website they can be accessed via a simple website URL and embedded directly into your template emails to make your client process a breeze! GET A FREE MONTH OF SHOWIT to try this website platform for yourself!

If you need a simple place to start by adding hidden pages to your showit website be sure to grab my FREE QUICK LINKS PAGE to create a personalized and SEO friendly option to eliminating apps like link tree from your instagram!

Want to learn more about the benifits of hidden pages and a behind the scenes demo of how to add these to your Showit website? CLICK HERE!