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You’ve already invested in a custom domain name, hosting software, and so much time designing your site. Are you burnt out from creating client resources in an app like Canva or the exhausting process of sending attachments back and forth via email? Hidden pages embedded in your website are the perfect solution. They can streamline your client experience, and these easy to access resources, lead to more referral booking! Not to mention SAVES TIME in the back end from repetitive business tasks! 

Reasons why you might want a hidden page: 

If you are ONLY using your website for the booking process, you are likely missing out on a ton of FREE potential. If you are a Showit website user you can have an unlimited number of pages. Including hidden page resources on the back end of your website is the perfect fit! Here are a few of the benefits to adding hidden pages to your website: 

  • Enhance your client experience
  • Spend less time in your inbox!
  • Set clear expectations for clients. 
  • Save your sanity from answering the same FAQ’s.
  • Cut back on those dreaded discount questions! 
  • Book more referrals with detail filled digital resources. 

Steps to create a hidden website page with Showit: 

For Showit users adding a hidden page to your website is simpler than you would think! Here’s a few steps to get started: 

  1. Click the (+) button on the pages tab in your site.
  2. Customize your content or import a template design.
  3. Rename your page using the three dots next to the page. 
  4. Customize Advanced Setting (on the right side toolbar).
  5. Check the box “Ask google to ignore this page”.

*Be sure this page is not linked internally to any other areas of your website The page will now be available at the URL “”. For example:

Here’s a step by step video to walk you through the process! 

Not sure where to start with hidden pages? Below are a few of my favorites that every type of business owner can use. 

  • Social Links Page
  • New Inquiry Guide
  • Pricing Guide
  • Vendor Referral Guide
  • Submission Success Page
  • Process Timeline Page

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Updating your website doesn’t have to be overwhelming! If you are ready to take your Showit website beyond the booking process. I’ve created a suite of add on page templates, fully designed with copy, image placeholders and ready to streamline your client experience! 

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