Imagen AI Photo Editing + Lightroom | Save Hours for your Small Business

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As a small business owner our productivity is essential. AI tools are the newest buzz and can feel intimidating. But AI might be the secret ingredient to keep up with the growing demands of business! What could you be doing if you weren’t spending hours editing?

During just the month of October, I had 5 weddings, 4 engagements and 7 mini sessions which means I’m backlogged trying to catch up on those tight turnaround deadlines gallery deliveries! I tested out Imagen AI the editing software that links seamlessly with Lightroom. I was skeptical that AI photo editing could truly match my style. Can this tool actually save me hours of time or am I still having to touch every photo to match my quality! Try for yourself with 1500 FREE EDITS! 

Watch me edit an entire engagement gallery in less than 10 minutes!

I knew that AI was never going to be a perfect system, but with a bit of fine tuning and color correcting the initial editing pass by IMAGEN was wildly accurate! I didn’t even need to upload anchor images!! Especially the time it saves in cropping and straightening. I have not yet tried the culling feature but they have a ton of options for any type of editing tweaks. Now let’s talk about price, especial as small business owners adding in another subscription can be daunting. I was so impressed to find how approachable their pricing was at only $0.05 per image pay as you go with no commitment. For photographers like myself who are processing thousands of photos each month, even being able to offload one photoshoot each month could save me hours of time and sanity!

My biggest takeaways from testing Imagen so far!

  • The setup process was way easier than I anticipated. It truly links seamlessly with lightroom and after uploading a few favorite catalogs it was able to process hundreds of images in minutes.
  • The biggest discrepancies I’ve noticed in my style tend to be with images on light color stone backgrounds like city photos, or concrete ground. Images with natural trees or greenery my skin tones seemed more matched! (Likely because my initial profile setup catalogs were all from Virginia countryside natural landscapes)
  • The more consistent your shooting and RAW photo style, the better this software is able to learn. Which can be one of the biggest hurdles as a photographer especially on wedding days with ever changing light and backgrounds.

GET YOUR FIRST 1500 EDITS FOR FREE Start checking off your to-do list today! 

As a small business owner I’m so excited to test out an utilize as many tech tools as possible to make life as a solo-entrepreneur more manageable! We’re expected to play so many roles in our business and somehow keep up with the corporations with teams of employees! Be sure to send me a message if you’ve got any business tools you want me to test out next!

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