Do you Need More than One Logo for your Business?


One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to logos! You might be a little confused on all of the designer lingo, like what’s the difference between a logo, submark, or wordmark? How do I know when to use different logos? Establishing a consistent brand is about so much more than just your logo. Your brand is about presenting a set of colors, fonts, and logos that tell the story of your business, the combination of all of these elements should be present through every client touchpoint! Creating a collection of brand marks beyond your primary logo will give you business amazing flexibility to show up consistently!

Here is a breakdown of the most common logo examples that should be included in your brand suite. Plus an inside look at a recent brand redesign with Alyssa Lydia Images!


Primary Logo:

Your primary logo is intended to fully represents your brand name and shows off your carefully chosen brand colors. A strong primary logo is created to intentionally match the fonts, colors, and style to market your ideal client! Your primary logo should be recognizable as a first impression in larger applications, such as your website header, stationary, and business cards. Its best to have multiple one color logo options as well that work with a light or dark background. Depending on your business name, your primary logo may contain larger amounts of text and not be a great fit for every situation.

Secondary Logo or Alternate Logo:

Your secondary logo is a reformatted version of your primary logo, most often condensed to a stacked or circular format to accommodate smaller spaces when you have a long business name. This secondary logo can be used alongside your brand colors and fonts to help reinforce your business style when there may not be space to fully display your primary logo.


The submarket logo will be one of your most used brand elements behind your primary logo. This logo variation is a striped down version of your primary logo and features the essential elements of your brand.  It does not need to include your full business name, but still helps communicate your brand quickly. It’s perfect for social media icons, using as a watermark, email signatures, and packaging.

Additional Brand Elements & Tagline:

Brand elements such as icons, patterns, and taglines, can be used for special emphasis. They are not intended to replace your primary logo but can be sprinkled throughout your website, social media and client touchpoints.  These are best used in situations where the audience is already familiar with your business and are a great way to infuse your brand personality!

All of these elements work together to create your cohesive brand, and give you so much flexibility to show off your business name! Thats why its so important to invest in a designer who can give you the whole package and not just a one and done logo!

If you are looking for a jump start at updating your business with consistent branding be sure to checkout the freebie below with 20 questions to strengthen your business identity! Download your FREE Brand Mini Guide HERE!