Create Your Brands Mood Board with this Pinterest Exercise!


Are you stumped on where to start when it comes to a brands aesthetic? Do you find it hard to keep your social media consistent and often get inquiries from clients who don’t feel like the right fit? This 20 minute Pinterest exercise is the perfect way to define your style, color palette, and truly personalize your branding! NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Use your new curated board as an inspiration reference for updating your website, designing your social feed, and helping you target more of your dream clients!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
BUT here is the KEY… you have to fight the urge to look at your direct competition for inspiration. Let yourself get lost in the search, if you find a tropical vacation image that matches the vibe of your luxury travel business scroll down to see related images and find insight into colors and moods!

Watch the live demo on Youtube or keep reading for the step by step directions!


Now time to try this for yourself in a quick 20 minute exercise! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The first 5 Minutes:

Brain dump a list all about your ideal client! Start by researching where they shop, eat, what they do for fun, what colors or fonts are used by the brands they love! Think outside of your personal preferences, and try to be practical about the budgets, styles, and personality of your clients! If you need a jumping off point for thinking through your brands personality feel free to grab my FREE discovery questionnaire HERE.

10 Minutes of research:

Now the fun part begins. Go into your pinterest and create a new board for your brand. I recommend creating sub-categories to dive into specific elements like, Typography, Visuals, Colors, Websites, etc. Using this time, allow yourself to get lost in a rabbit hole of photos that represent your brand aesthetic and the vision for your ideal client, focus on emotion provoking photos, fonts, patterns and lettering you love and how you want your brand to feel!

LAST 5 Minutes:

After you have created this brand inspiration boards, go back through and quickly review your ideal client profile from the beginning and remove any images that are leaning more towards personal preference and don’t match your client! This can be so tricky to separate our personal preferences of color and imagery from that of our business! BUT if you know that your ideal client is outdoorsy and modern with a love of natural products a brightly colored aesthetic might not be their jam!

Let me know if you give this a try! Once you’ve completed your Pinterest mood board make sure you refer back to it often when updating images for your website or social media, its a great refresher on your brand aesthetic when deciding what to share! You could even print screenshots for your office, or use canva to create a custom graphic.


branding mood board photos pinned in their office

If you need a bit of inspiration to get out of your own personal preferences and into the mind of your brands ideal client, check out this freebie with 20 questions to strengthen your brands identity!

Pinterest is one of my favorite FREE tools I use in my personal business and as a resource for clients. I also love creating custom mood boards for branding photos sessions, and as a reference for image inspiration when it comes to choosing outfits! Learn more about how to prep 3 months of content in your next brand session HERE!