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With the popularity of influencer marketing, the potential for passive income is endless. Affiliate programs are allowing digital business to thrive. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook are an essential marketing tool for small business owners. These platforms often only allow for one clickable “link in bio” option. Where should you direct your customers to first? Should this bio spot be reserved for your website home page, blog, or shop? How can you possible choose just ONE LINK.

This is what has allowed sites such as Linktree to gain popularity. However, we need to think strategically about where you allow your solo (precious) instagram link to be diverted. Here’s the problem… Using sites like Linktree is driving your hard earned followers to an outside source.  Ultimately hurting your brands effectiveness and missing a key opportunity to boost your website traffic.

There’s a better way…Why you need a custom links page.

• Instantly drive traffic to your website

• Quick access to your contact form

• Boost your analytics

• Promote your email list

• Easily share affiliate links

• Reinforce your branding

Don’t be fooled by the convenience of “linktree” or other outside sources…There are so many amazing benefits to creating your own internal website page for your social media links. It’s time to ditch the generic apps. Creating a custom links page within your own website might seem overwhelming. But there are so many benefits you are missing out on by using a site such as Linktree. Regardless of which website platform you use, creating a custom links page will be a valuable addition. If you are a Showit website user like me, skip the diy design phase all together, and checkout my exact LINKS PAGE TEMPLATE!

Your website is more secure than Linktree: 

App software such as Linktree are bound to crash. They are constantly undergoing maintenance, updates, and can unknowingly glitch while linked to your social media. This happen to me, multiple times in a 6 month span before creating my own internal links page. Often times without warning or notification, I would go to update the order of my links and realize the “page not found” error was displayed. This was eliminating any potential visitors from accessing my website and inevitably created a negative first impression for any of my followers.

Build trust by growing your brand:

Apps like Linktree are built for quick, mass consumption, with limited options for customization. The only personalized options are to import a header image and  selection of generic background color options. Plus the URL is giving up prime “link in bio” real estate to a third party website rather than reinforcing your brands name. Establishing your branding throughout every phase of your customer journey will build trust. Elements such as fonts, colors, icons, and language are key brand elements that differentiate your business from others in your industry.

Unlimited customization:

Your internal website, already allow you the freedom to customize every aspect of your brand. This internal links page can transition from selling a solo service, to marketing new offering, building your email list and streamline the next steps in your customer journey. When your client clinks on your “link in bio” you are promising them a certain experience. Every time you deliver on that promise, with an uncomplicated links page and consistency messaging, you are strengthening your brand!  Creating an internal links page, give you the flexibility to include unlimited number of links, as well as additional features to keep your visitors on your website longer. You can choose to have one main link to sell your services, or a scrolling links page that also leads to a bio, showcasing you as a business owner.

Boost your website SEO:

Bio apps such as Linktree are stealing your website traffic. That might sound dramatic but its true. You are leading your valuable visitors clicks to a third party source rather than immediately into your website. As smartphone users, we’ve been conditioned to avoid clicking, our devices are designed to encourage scrolling. Every additional click is deterring your visitors from taking the next step. Often times clicking away from your website all together. Creating a custom links page will eliminate those barriers, and allow your customers to have a positive experience and first impression with your brand.

The goal of your links page (as with every page on your website) should be to direct your viewers through your site and easily navigate the NEXT BEST resource. Do not overwhelm them with too many options, or clickable links. Create a hierarchy in your design, with contrast, fonts, and language to compel them to take action! This will ultimately lead visitors to stay on your website page longer, with a lower bounce rate, and boosted SEO!

I’m ready for a custom links page… where do I start?

There is so much user psychology that goes into formatting a links page. But just start with the basics. 6 click options is a sweet spot, and make sure the entire list can be responsive and mobile friendly to immediately pop up on a smartphone or desktop. Finding time for website updates can feel daunting. I’m so excited to share my custom template to help streamline the DIY process.

SHOP THE TEMPLATE for yourself, and set up your custom links page in under 10 minutes! This template will allow you to easily apply your current websites branding, fonts, colors and custom links to share with your social media followers. The best part… it’s all internally linked within your website to continue to improve your SEO!

Check out how I’ve utilized the links page for my own brand.
Custom Social media links page template

Check out what Brett had to say after using the free Showit Links template:

“I’ve been putting this off for months!, But now when you click my bio link there are several options to choose from.  The links template was so easy to use!”
Regardless of which website platform you use, adding in a custom links page will absolutely boost your engagement in the long run. For more website tips and design strategy, be sure to join my email newsletter HERE!