3 Ways to get the Most Benefit Out of your Website

Website Design

Your website is the first impression you give to your clients, it’s the voice of your brand and WAY MORE than just a landing page of information. You have likely invested time, money, and SO MUCH overthinking into creating your website. Once you hit PUBLISH… what happens now?

Your website should be more than a hit on google. Your website has the power to be a tool you use through every process of your client experience. Once the hard work of design is over with that is where the real fun begin!

Here are my Top 3 ways to make your website WORK FOR YOU!

1. Recycle & Reuse

Reuse your website copy, EVERYWHERE. You have already put in so much hard work through the branding process coming up with you mission statement and unique personality through text. If those words are only living on your website they are only truly meeting 10% of there capacity! Think about how you scroll through a website? Are you reading through paragraphs of bio text or simply skimming the headlines to find where you need to go? Don’t be afraid of repetition. Copy and paste those website words into your instagram captions, pull out your origin story, mission statement, or unique process to show off to your potential clients!

I reuse so many pieces of my website throughout my business. This saves me hours of work in formulating emails to clients, and helping to explain my pricing, process and expertise. One of my favorite ways to get extra uses from my website copy is through my initial inquiry email. I pull out a few sentences about how I can add value, with a mix of personality (pulled directly from my website). This repetition is an amazing way to reinforce your ideal clients, and weed out those who might not be a good fit. PLUS pull out a few of the most common questions into an FAQ document template will save you hours of unnecessary work when emailing clients!

Reusing your website copy for Instagram captions

2. Create a Blog or Resources Page

Your website is more than just a place to house your contact form. Your website should be a valuable tool that shows off your expertise to your potential clients. There are a few ways to pump content into your website. One of my favorite ways is through a Blog Page. One of the biggest benefits to a blog page is the instant boost in SEO with location and business specific content. A well formatted Blog will be a huge traffic driver to gaining new leads. The blog will give you an outlet to share new work, proving you are high in demand, and sharing valuable insight that attracts your ideal client.

If you aren’t ready for a blog quite yet, create a custom Resource Page! This can be filled with FAQ’s, portfolio images, and a place to show off your expertise. Especially as a serviced based business, it is crucial to provide tons of value before trying to make a sale! Don’t worry you do not have to give away all of the good stuff without a paycheck, but adding in a simple “top 5 tips for” or “style suggestions from the experts” will be a great place to start.

Showit website make this process so simple with canvas views. Similar to a slideshow format, canvas views allows you to include multiple layers of information in an interactive format. This allows you to efficiently design large chunks of information without the overwhelm of a long scrolling page.  This would be perfect for creating vendor recommendations, without page

Wedding Planning Resources Showit Canvas Views

2. Build your process around your website

Your website can be filled with hidden pages that add value to your client experience. These hidden pages do not need to be visible to google or linked in your primary website. They are an easy to update resource that are viewed through a simple website click.

For years I struggled with keeping my client guides relevant with the tedious process of updating. This often required plugging in my hard drive, relinking images, formatting my documents in indesign, to then have to export and resize a PDF that was small enough to fit in an email. These attachments were often overlooked and not always productive with download formats. INSTEAD, my client resources can now be viewed with an easy to click website link that the client can instantly load and easily access anytime. The updating process is as simple as typing over my existing text and hitting publish!

For my photography business I am constantly linking back to my website with helpful resources. These resources include:


Website Resources


If these templates resources are something that would be helpful in your business, stay tuned for some exciting new resources coming in 2022. Send me a DM or email and let me know which types of tools or templates you would love to up level your website!

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