Crafting Clear “Call to Actions” that actually convert clients!

Website Design

As business owners we put so much emphasis is crafting the perfect website that instantly grabs attention with a scroll stopping into photo and catchy about me section and beautifully branded fonts that it can be easy to forget about the most important features of your website… CLEAR call to actions!

These attention grabbing clickable messages are what get your audience to move from one page to the next, they are the key to keeping viewers on your website longer, leading to better SEO rankings and making sure your potential clients can ACTUALLY get to where they need to go! So often we get overly excited about sharing ALL THE THINGS, that the true message can get lost! When your ideal client comes across your website, you should be automatically directing them to click exactly where you want them to go next!

Jess Jordana website copy Quote graphic

My favorite copywriting guru Jess Jordana says it best “The point of a website is NOT to provide information, it is to capture attention”. There is nothing worse than opening a website and spending the first 30 seconds searching for the location of a business, services page or contact email and its impossible to confirm if they are the right fit for you before inquiring. With long paragraphs of text or limited mobile functionality I often give up and move on with another business… RIGHT!

Your home page should immediately confirm to your viewer they are on the right page, and lead them where to go next!

ALWAYS avoid making people click multiple times to get where they need to be… Scrolling home pages are great for this, and skimable website copy is key (but thats a rant for another day) You website should ideally only have 2-3 Call to actions… but don’t be afraid of repeating a CTA multiple times on your website, the average person has to see your message 7x before they are ready to take action… FOR REAL, FOR REAL!

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS for a click-worthy call to action!

  1. Don’t try to be witty, speak in clear language so that you audience knows exactly what to do next. There are tons of opportunity to add a splash of personality on your website, but makes sure that your call to actions are easy to understand and accessible!
  2. Include AT LEAST 1 CTA on every page, typically above the fold (the top half of your website before scrolling) Also adding at the end of your webpage near the footer gives your viewer the perfect place to go next
  3. Use FOMO to your advantage: take advantage of emotion and enthusiastic words and time sensitive language to create urgency in your call to actions “Spots are filling fast” or “100s of photographers have already joined the group” or ” Limited edition release”.
  4. Give, give, give, sell! Create a no obligation statement where your ideal client gets something free just for clicking. I include so many freebies throughout the process. This is a great way to build trust with your audience before asking them to make a purchase. Even if they aren’t ready to buy from you right away, this gives them a positive first impression to come back!
  5. Always keep your end goal in mind! If your main goal is to book a long term clients, your Call to Action needs to lead them to trust you more with a free resource that shows off your expertise. If your main goal is to build your email list, make sure that you add incentive with your newsletter sign up. If you are building a mastermind list or group service offer free starter groups like a facebook page that get your ideal client active and involved right away!


Crafting a website call to a action statement

Did these quick tips help? Next time you are struggling to create a click worthy call to action remember that repetition is your brands secret weapon! A quick an easy way to get your website viewers clicking is through you social media “link in bio”

Download my FREE SHOWIT WEBSITE TEMPLATE  to set up a custom links page in under 10 minutes! This template will allow you to easily apply your current websites branding, fonts, colors and custom links to share with your social media followers. The best part… it’s all internally linked within your website to continue to improve your SEO!

Check out how I’ve utilized the links page for my own brand.